Netlink Jamaica Limited

The Advent of Cable TV was on the Horizon, and soon enough, several Cable Company’s emerged. Utilizing his astute and shrewd Business psyche, fueled by his dogged determination to realized a high successful Business status, Mr. Francis entered into the Field of Merchandising, being a Supplier of Cable and all other paraphernalia relevant to those Companies.

This Business gained great success, and saw him bringing on board four (4) additional members of staff, inclusive of his wife Dianthe, who to date, ably assists him with the day-to-day operations of the Business. During the year 1991, Netlink Communication Company Limited was borne, incorporated on the 1st October of that year and was duly registered. In the meanwhile Netlink had expanded its operations, engaging in the Sales and Services of Garage Doors, Gate Openers, Shutters for all occasions, Satellite system accessories, Intercoms, Surveillance Systems, Smoke and Fire Alarm Systems.