Jamaica Network Of Seropositives

We are a network of people who come from all walks of life – students, teachers, farmers, chefs, knitters, maintenance workers, counselors, entrepreneurs, and many more. We aspire, dream and support ourselves for a better tomorrow.

The Network began in 1996 following the first regional meeting of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Trinidad. This meeting was sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), the Global Network of People Living with HIV (GNP+) and the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS (ICW). In 1997, JN+ was publicly launched with support from the National HIV/STD Control and Prevention Programme (NHCP) and the Caribbean Epidemiology Centre (CAREC). To date, activities have been conducted through support from the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ), United Nations Volunteers GIPA Project, the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), UNAIDS, Ministry of Health – National HIV/STI Programme, Jamaica Red Cross, National Association of Persons with HIV and AIDS (U.S.), the Caribbean Regional Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS (CRN+), Jamaica AIDS Support for Life (JASL), the Latin American and Caribbean Council of AIDS Service Organisations (LACCASO), and others.