Jamaica Co-operative Automobile and Limousine Tours

Jamaica Co-operative Automobile and Limousine Tours Ltd. (JCAL) was formed in 1989, with the aim to create a company whose standards would have met or exceeded the customer’s expectations. With these accolades we received from both home and abroad, we can proudly say, mission accomplished.

Our arrival in the industry raised the bar wherein some of our competitors even took pages out of our book. Despite this we have not been complacent but continued to be innovative, always in search of more ways to enhance the visitors’ experience. With us it’s not just a drive, it’s an experience.

Being a co-operative, the drivers are also the owners, thus, there is a greater level of care in protecting their investment. We believe one dissatisfied customer is one too many. The level of professionalism displayed is second to none and with a fleet of some 1200 fully maintained vehicles, your transportation needs are covered.