Advocat International

Advocat International is a Legal Document Assistant Company. Our website is geared towards assisting you to craft your own legal documents with ease and expedience. Our intention is to:

  1. Establish a functional, user friendly, online legal document portal website which provides legal self help services.
  2. Provide assistance with compliance with the legal obligations of companies, businesses and individuals.
  3. Provide services chiefly online for your convenience.

Clients are also offered the option of personal legal services such as access to personal and business legal advisors for more detailed legal attention. This service is not offered by AdvocatInternational, we simply refer your matters as needed to independent Attorneys. In fact, our services will allow clients access to a considerable range of Attorneys in various areas of the law.

We recognise that with the rise of social media, there is more of a social appetite for online transactions and relationships, which are needs that we will meet.